Final round for the 2022 SuperOne Championship:
Round 11 & Round 12 gave me a strong end to the championship, finishing 3rd in both rounds, final results meant I sealed:
🏆 3rd Place in the 2022 SuperOne National Championship 🏆
This was our first full year at SuperOne and many tracks were new to me with no prior testing was done.
Thank you to @Burlandts for making this possible, you’ve been amazing, your continuous belief in me means a lot. Thank you also to Harrod Sport and V1 Logic for standing by my side and encouraging me throughout the year.
Thank you also goes to Msport kart Racing team for helping me in my first full SuperOne year, not forgetting my family who have supported me from day one and work incredibly hard behind the scenes to make each race day possible and for helping me to succeed on and off track.
To everyone who has supported me along my journey, your trust and your words of wisdom have been immense encouragement, thank you!