What a weekend! It was our debut year doing SuperOne, with no training on any of the circuits prior to race day and it was a new class for me, still can’t believe it but we achieved……..
🏆🏆 3rd Place in the 2021 SuperOne Championship 🏆🏆
Can’t thank my sponsor @Burlandts enough, you believed in me and always give me immense support, thank you Harrod Sport for your words of encouragement, thank you @MSport and Jay you have guided me the whole way and thank you as always to my parents who have worked incredibly hard behind the scenes to keep me racing, thank you!!!
And to all the amazing people that have supported and trusted me on my journey, we were told top 3 would not be possible in a new class and a debut year, but we did it!!!!!!
Thank you!! 🏎️🏁🏆2️⃣8️⃣