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“teamwork builds belief, belief builds speed”

Jay Marshall


Josh Vallance Racing Team Member - Jay Marshall

Jay Marshall has over 30 years experience in motor racing and Formula 1. Jay has worked with several F1 teams and  worked as a race engineer in F3000 (now F2) and F3. V1 Logic is the revolution in driver evaluation and development strategies using racing simulations and psychometric systems.

V1 Logic

Emma Pratt


Josh Vallance Racing Team Member - EP Marketing

Award winning expert in marketing strategies for on and offline campaign, advertising and brand management. With over 20 years in the marketing industry, managing the tangible and intangible elements of your brand.

EP Marketing


Burland Technology Solutions Ltd (inc. Electropatent International)

Leaders in power distribution solutions and energy-saving devices for offices, trading floors, data centres & retail environments using the best products available.

“We are delighted to support Josh at this early stage in his racing career. His results so far, despite limited budget and resource speak for themselves. We hope that with our support he can fast-track his career and emulate the success seen by Dame Ellen MacArthur who we also sponsored at the outset of her career in the ’90s.” – Richard Vass, Founder and Managing Director for Burland Technology Solutions Ltd

Burland Technology Solutions Ltd
Burland Technology Solutions Ltd