Josh Vallance


Motorsport has a strong following in the Uk and across the world with fantastic media coverage.

Sponsorship can offer a great opportunity for business marketing and promotion and it’s a great way to become involved in an exciting and dynamic sport.
If you or your company wishes to be involved in Motorsport, we offer fantastic sponsorship packages to suit you and your company’s needs, we can even provide bespoke packages, these can include marketing on the kart and our website, hospitality at race meetings and much more.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our journey and to discuss what we can offer please contact us for further information.

“Our research shows that the base skills inherent in talented champions are the same the world over – self-motivation and a driven, enquiring intellect. Josh has both these qualities, which allow him to take on relevant information quickly, develop any upside and drive faster than the competition. There is no doubt in my mind, Josh has all the abilities to become a world champion”. Read more here

Benefits To Sponsors

Brand Exposure

Place your unique brand in front of a live spectator and TV audience.


The art of entertaining or receiving your guests. Motorsport is an easy and cost-effective way to entertain your important clients and potential clients at the events. Inviting clients to see a car race and to see “OUR” car race are two very different angles. Your guests can have a hugely enjoyable day out, getting much closer to the action than a normal spectator, sitting in the car and talking to the driver and team.

Brand Association

Motorsport is a harsh, rough, technological environment, give your brand an association not just with the glamour of motorsport, but align it with your product as an advanced brand, making you stand out from your competitors, giving you that added edge.


The part of your partnership that can reap the most direct benefit, you may have customer/s that you have spent a year trying to connect with. How much would a whole day talking to them in a relaxed, enjoyable environment be worth to your business? How about a day of motorsport with your client, racing and training with your driver.

Public Relations

National, local and social media are incredibly important. A race report will be sent to you soon after the race event, which can virtually guarantee to give you very effective press coverage and social media presence. Tagging you in posts together with race day pictures and videos can catch anyone’s eye and attention, giving you higher social media exposure.

Team and Driver

Your relationship with the sport, your driver and team can be used in your PR material, brochures and advertising. You could even go one stage ahead and have the car (with your advertising), driver or whole team at an event, possibly at your annual trade show, a press launch of a new product, opening a new office, outlet or showroom. Special organised events can bring your customers much closer to your branding with track driving events or team driver coaching.